A smile is like a work of art. The teeth are the canvas, the gums are the mount board and the lips are the frame. Balancing all of these elements correctly with one another is essential in creating a beautiful smile.

A narrow smile shows just a few front teeth. The teeth fade away quickly and has dark corridors towards the corners of the smile. A good smile is a full smile, one that fills out the lips.

Only the upper the teeth should be visible. The upper lip should cover the gum almost completely to the top of the upper teeth. The lower lip should follow the lower outline of the upper teeth.

The midlines should line up and be centred with the nose and the point of the chin and the smile should be horizontally parallel with the eyes.

These are some general guidelines beyond just straight teeth that every good cosmetic dentist should be following when analysing and designing a smile. But the advanced cosmetic dentist also looks at a smile in three dimensions.

From the above picture, we can clearly see that after treatment she has a fuller lower face. With her teeth and jaws pushed forward, she has nice full lips. Her nose, lips and chin are in harmony with each other, particularly when viewed from a 45 degree angle.

A simplified way to assess this is the esthetic line or E-line. It’s an imaginary line drawn from the tip of the nose to the point of the chin. Ideally the lips should fall on this line as shown in the middle example below.

At Aesthetic Makeovers, we assess a smile using these criteria and more. We are also able to treat most of these problems non-surgically using a combination of orthodontics, botox, dermal fillers and ceramic dental work. For those situations where surgery is unavoidable, we are able to assist in the planning and treatment of these cases as well.

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