Concentrated Growth Factors (CGF)

“What if I told you that you already own the secret to amazing skin?”

That it can’t be bought from a department store or pharmacy. In fact, you already have it running through your veins. You’ve probably heard of stem cells and concentrated growth factors (CGF). Maybe even come across skin care products that claim to contain such ingredients.

Stem cells and CGF are responsible for repair and regeneration of human tissue. In other words, it’s the elixir of youth that builds brand new skin and collagen (as well as many other medical benefits)! But for it to work properly, firstly it needs to be inserted into the skin and secondly, it needs to be live and ideally your own stem cells so dead non-human stem cells in a bottle on a store shelf isn’t exactly going to work.

Meet Christina :)

24 hours after CGF treatment

She’s a 30 something working professional, a wife, a daughter, a sister of two big European families as well as a mum of a newborn. If you didn’t catch on, she’s very busy taking care of everyone else. Over the years, stress together with not having a lot of time to take care of herself, has taken its toll on her skin with lines, pigmentation and acne scarring.

This is where CGF skin rejuvenation steps in to turn back the clock. Firstly, we draw her own blood and run it through a special centrifuge known as the Medifuge.

This allows the CGF, stem cells and platelet rich plasma (PRP) to be extracted – our liquid gold!

For Christina, we used a tried and true method of collagen induction therapy known as DermaStamp microneedling. Microneedling does two things:

  • causes microtrauma which brings about healing factors to form new collagen
  • punctures the skin to allow delivery of an active ingredient, in this case our CGF & stem cells.

We choose DermaStamp because it is much more stable and consistent in puncture depth than rollers or pens and results in less redness and better delivery of an active ingredient. Here’s Christina immediately after just one treatment. Her acne scars are already healing and her skin is looking fresher. She only has some redness similar to mild sunburn even though we pushed up to 1.0mm needling depths in certain areas (cheeks & chin). The redness was gone by the next day.

And here is her no make up before & after 7 days later after just one treatment:

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Christina will undergo 3 CGF skin rejuvenation treatments 4-6 weeks apart which is the standard treatment regime. We will be following up on her results over the next few months so if you would like to keep informed just sign up to our blog with the form at the top of the page.

Key Points

  • DermaStamp is the leading edge technology in skin microneedling, far better than the DermaPen, DermaRoller or oldschool individual needles.
  • CGF blows standalone PRP treatments out of the water when it comes to new collagen formation.
  • CGF is no more uncomfortable than having a blood test.

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