The Damon system is a fixed, passive, self-ligating method of correcting malocclusions. Passive self-ligating systems use brackets that do not require elastic o-rings to hold the wires in place. By not using the elastic o-rings, the wires freely slide through the slots without friction.

Because of this, the Damon System has a number of benefits over traditional style braces.

1. The Damon System is less uncomfortable

The passive self-ligating brackets allow more freedom of movement and less pressure on the teeth and its associated structures. In addition, Damon wires tend to be more flexible which results in less discomfort during treatment.

2. The Damon bracket is smaller and has a lower profile

The passive self-ligating bracket doesn’t require elastic o-rings which allows for a smaller profile. As it relies on the principle of low friction, it requires less surface area in contact with the wire. All of this results in a smaller bracket, which is both more aesthetic and comfortable on the lips, cheeks and tongue. Also less food getting caught in your brackets!

3. The Damon System reduces treatment time and number of appointments

Our standard course of treatment for the Damon System is 10 appointments and 18-20 months with most appointment intervals being 8-10 weeks apart. Less time at the dentist means more time for other things.

4. The Damon Clear braces are more aesthetic

Damon Clear braces are made of polycarbonate which makes than transparent rather than tooth coloured. They do not stain nor do they have elastic o-rings which discolour over time. It is still possible to get staining of the tooth not covered by the bracket from tea and coffee etc and the metal wire will be visible.

5. The Damon System can expand moderately narrow/crowded jaws

The passive self-ligating system together with the Damon wires allows for a low friction and “free” movement. As we are working with forces similar to blood pressure, we are never cutting off the blood supply to tissues but rather guiding remodeling and growth. This process is not only faster for moving teeth but also grows the underlying jaw bone which is the foundation for the teeth. This allows us to expand the jaws, avoiding orthodontic extractions and the associated complications that can result such as jaw joint disorders and obstructive sleep apnoea.

6. The Damon System gets better results

In addition to all the principles listed above, when the Damon System is set up by Insignia Ormco digitally, the results are highly precise and predictable. This is because the Damon Q brackets (metal) are fully customised to the nearest degree and the Damon Clear brackets are semi-customised to 6 settings. Customisation means greater control of the tilt and angles of each individual teeth and this means a better result overall.

Key Points

  • Less discomfort
  • Smaller lower profile bracket
  • Reduced treatment time and number of appointments
  • More aesthetic
  • Allows expansion moderately narrow/crowded jaws
  • Better results

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