Skin health is a starting point prior to most cosmetic treatments. Although skin care regimes do well to help prevent problems before they arise as well as assist in recovery and maintenance post treatment, they are no comparison to active treatments like skin rejuvenation when it comes to damage that has already occurred.

Skin rejuvenation works on the principles of controlled wounding through procedures such as dermal microneedling or threading to stimulate collagen formation and skin regeneration. The effect of this can be amplified by using an active product to enhance the collagen formation process. At Aesthetic Makeovers, we offer two active products: hyaluronic acid and autologous venepuncture.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is used in dermal fillers and many skin care products. It works to hydrate the area by drawing fluid containing healing factors to the area which is injected. Autologous venepuncture is a whole other level. It involves the drawing of your blood which is then centrifuged through the state of the art Medifugeā„¢ so that it can be fractioned into platelet poor/rich plasma (PPP/PRP), and stem cell layers which contains the all-important concentrated growth factors (CGF). Our CGF procedures are able to produce skin rejuvenation results that are 2-3 times as effective as PRP or HA alone. Aesthetic Makeovers is one of the first clinics in Perth to offer the technology capable of delivering skin rejuvenation with CGF.

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