Our focus is on the harmony of dental and facial health and beauty. Often what is happening on the outside of the face is a reflection of what is happening inside the mouth.

Thus our initial appointment involves a complete skin health check and facial analysis as well as an oral examination of the dental structures and how itĀ pertains to the face. This 60-minute initial consultation is mandatory for every new patient before any treatment is carried out.

Our philosophy is to view dentofacial health and beauty as a whole rather than treat specific areas. It is not uncommon that a specific symptom is caused by something happening elsewhere in the body. In fact, just treating the symptom can often makes things worse by accelerating the effect of the problem. We identify the cause of the problem and treat it and its related symptoms rather than just treat the symptom only.

Following your initial consult, you will receive a treatment plan outlining your problems and a holistic approach to treatment. The plan will detail appointment sequence, length, and cost as well as any products you may wish to purchase to aid in your treatment or maintenance.

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