At Aesthetic Makeovers, our skin rejuvenation treatments utilise Collagen Induction Therapy, otherwise known as vampire facial treatment, via dermal micro-needling techniques. Micro-needling is the formation of new skin collagen through a series of micropunctures into the skin which brings about your body’s own healing factors. Micro-needling is helpful for acne scar treatment and is offered by our team right here in Perth.

You might have heard of devices such as the DermaRoller™ and the DermaPen™. The DermaStamp™ is a computerised micro-needling tool that is designed to provide a more controlled and consistent needle penetration depth. The result is less post-treatment bleeding and swelling and a much more enhanced and customised result for the entire face.


When combined with the delivery of an active ingredient, the effect is enhanced exponentially! CGF & stem cells are currently the latest and most effective active ingredient that is derived from your own blood. Using these factors combined with PRP, collagen induction results are more than twice as effective. Acne scars, fine lines and dehydrated skin will become a thing of your past when you work with our DermaStamp™ micro-needling treatment experts at Aesthetic Makeovers in Perth!

DermaStamp micro-needling

We currently offer DermaStamp™ micro-needling with:

  • Hyaluronic acid (HA) only or,
  • Hyaluronic acid (HA), platelet rich plasma (PRP), concentrated growth factors (CGF), stem cells & activated collagen

If you would like to find out more about how micro-needling can help with acne scar treatment at our Aesthetic Makeovers clinic in Perth, contact us today or click the Book Now button below to make an appointment.

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